Angela Kahn


Global Marketing Expert 

Moto : Who Dares Wins.

In 2014, Angela Kahn was in need of a healthier alternative to coffee and energy drinks. Within two years, she’d quit her job as global brand & communications director at BP to start her own business, Tesla Nootropics Group, in 2016.

The mission was to bring nootropics and advanced nutrition to the mainstream. Tesla Nootropics is a global biotech company focused on functional beverages and nootropic supplements with in the US and Europe.

Dimitrios Hassapidis

Triathlete & Gamer

Digital Media

Moto : Write Your Own Hymn.

Dimitris is a triathlete and a gamer. His love for his sport as well as gaming have one thing in common: performance. His passion is the driving force of the digital marketing and content, keeping in sync with the global gaming trends and transferring the flow to our audience and consumers.

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